Hoopes Morganthaler Rausch Scaramozza, LLC is a business law and litigation firm based in Hartford, Connecticut and Armonk, New York. We offer creative, business-minded counsel and representation to businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profit organizations and public entities.

Our Philosophy

We believe a good lawyer does not just solve problems or close deals, but finds and creates opportunities. We place a premium on creativity and tenacity. We enjoy challenges - the more difficult and complex the better. We're neither amenable to taking "no" for an answer nor accepting of excuses why something can't or hasn't been done. The best evidence that our approach works is that most of our business is repeat business. Our clients know the value we add.

Cost effectiveness is particularly important to us. We stick to what we do best, and take special care to ensure that each matter is handled by the lawyer - or, where appropriate, team of lawyers - whose knowledge and experience is best suited to effectively and efficiently get results.

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